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So, What is PHP then?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used scripting language which is especially suited to Web Development. PHP can be embedded into HTML (Hypertext Markup language) and used to generate dynamic content to web pages. PHP is similar to other Server-Side scripting languages like ASP, Coldfusion, Perl, ASP, JSP etc.. but we think it is superior to any of the others. PHP is open source which means it's free to use and the source code behind it is also available. For more information on PHP we recommend looking at the official PHP site at

If you are new to PHP why not check out some of the PHP Tutorials on PHP-Editors. If you have any questions, feel free to drop into our PHP forums and ask our experts for help.

Now, what is a PHP Editor or PHP IDE?

Well, simply put, a PHP Editor is a computer program which is used to write PHP Scripts. Some people use widely available tools like notepad on windows or VI on unix. But if you want some extra features like code highlighting, code insight, project management, code browser, code debugging etc, then a PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is more suited. There are hundreds available, some can be pretty expensive while some totally free.

OK, what is this site all about then?

We brought together this site to try and help people find an Editor/IDE that is suited to their needs and budget. Please browse around the PHP Editor list we have put together and read what we, and the users, have to say.

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